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Dr Steven A Lopez

Assistant Professor Northeastern UniversityChemistry and Chemical Biology
Website: Alliance for Diversity in Science and Engineering
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Biographical Info

I am an assistant professor of chemistry at Northeastern University; my growing research group is focused on utilizing computational chemistry (density functional theory and wavefunction-based-methods) to elucidate fundamental mechanisms of organic photochemical reactions and broadening understanding of light-activated processes in covalent organic frameworks and organic photovoltaics. My research is supported by a start-up grant from Northeastern University and the Office of Naval Research.

I am co-founder of the Alliance for Diversity in Science and Engineering (ADSE). ADSE is a national non-profit organization aimed at retaining graduate students in STEM from all backgrounds through professional development, outreach, and networking. There are currently ten local graduate-student-run chapters, including the newest one at Northeastern University, where I serve as the current faculty advisor.

Categories: Computational, Organic, Physical

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