Welcome to ChemDiversity, the official website of the American Chemical Society Committee on Minority Affairs.

photo CMA Spring 2019
CMA meeting at Spring 2019 ACS Nation Meeting Orlando

The ACS CMA mission is to advance diversity and inclusion in ACS and the broader chemistry enterprise.

This mission is accomplished through our goals:

  • Sustain and dynamically develop a programmatic presence on-line and at ACS national & regional meetings.
  • Advocate for increased recognition of under-represented chemical scientists for various ACS awards.
  • Create a pipeline of under-represented peoples that are developed to participate in the chemical enterprise as practitioners and societal leaders.

What do we do?

  • Promote the recognition of the professional accomplishments of minorities
  • Attract minority students to the profession
  • Identify minority-friendly educational institutions and businesses
  • Work for the increased participation of minority chemistry professionals in the Society at all levels
  • Provide mentoring to minority students
  • Compile best practices for recruitment, retention, career development, and evaluation of programs for the advancement of minorities
  • And much much more!

Explore our blog, program activities, members, and resources on this site. Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, Join our Group on the ACS Network, and watch our LinkedIn Page for additional professional networking. We welcome all people to our cause, and encourage you to attend our events and support the ACS Committee on Minority Affairs.

This website is a project of the ACS CMA Communications Subcommittee.