Get Involved

How to help CMA advance its mission:

Volunteer at the national level
Come to the open sessions of the CMA committee meeting at the National ACS Meetings
Volunteer at the local and regional level
Spread the word to chemistry undergraduates about the ACS Scholars Program
Volunteer to mentor an ACS Scholar
Volunteer to your local section to host/mentor a SEED student in your research lab

Already a CMA member or volunteer? Download this on-boarding document. Download this welcome presentation from 2023.

Reach out to a current CMA committee member or associate to volunteer:

Comfort Boateng, Chair
Mitch Anstey
Amina El-Ashmawy
Benjamin Garcia
Navneet Goyal
Julius Green
Michael Greenlief
Steven Lopez
Marcie Merritt
Desmond Murray
Jeramia Ory
Hector Palencia
Victoria Parker
Brenda Porta-Linell
Tamiko Porter
Juan Carlos Ramos
Thomas Smith
Julio Teran
Donald Zapien

Malek Hassan
Sean Hickey
Brea Manuel

CMA Subcommittees

Awards and Recognition Subcommittee
The Awards & Recognition Subcommittee administers the award programs of the CMA as well as nominates eminent people underrepresented in STEM for ACS awards and editorial positions. This subcommittee is also responsible for recognizing the service of CMA committee members.
Subcommittee co-chairs: Comfort Boateng, Victoria Shayla Parker

Communications Subcommittee
This subcommittee manages external communication of the Committee to the chemistry enterprise at large, as well as internal communication within the Committee. The CMA Communications Subcommittee is responsible for this website and all social media. Subcommittee co-chairs: Barbara Belmont, Raychelle Burks

Membership Engagement and Professional Development Subcommittee
The focus of this subcommittee is to manage new member on‐boarding, research CMA constituencies to identify relevant future programs, and manage a professional development program for CMA members.
Subcommittee chair: C. Michael Greenlief, Michael Santiago

Scholars Subcommittee
This subcommittee provides oversight of the ACS Scholars program. This includes encouraging ACS Scholars transition to ACS membership and engaging in an annual program review.
Subcommittee co-chairs: Navneet Goyal, Thomas W. Smith

Programming & Events Subcommittee
The purpose of this subcommittee is to organize symposia, luncheons, and other events at national and regional ACS meetings on relevant topics to the ACS stakeholders.
Subcommittee co-chairs: Marie Little Fawn Agan, Seth Ablordeppey

Learn more about Diversity and Inclusion within the American Chemical Society via the ACS Department of Diversity Programs.