Inspiration and Role Models
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Employment Resources
Employment resources diversity recruitment: a curated list of websites that post chemistry employment opportunities that include diversity outreach to people underrepresented in STEM
Job Opportunities we’ve heard of through our diversity resources
From C&E News On-Line: How to Foster a Diverse Workplace

Speakers Directory
A resource for symposium organizers who want to diversify their presentation panel, this directory is a work in progress. Follow this link to view the directory, join the directory, or suggest an addition to the directory.

Filling the Pipeline
ACS Scholars: Scholarships for African American, Hispanic, and American Indian students in the chemical sciences
ACS Project SEED Program: Summer Research Internship Program for Economically Disadvantaged High School Students

ACS Policy Statements relevant to underrepresented communities
ACS Diversity Statement
ACS Policy Statement: Strengthen Science Education and the Scientific Workforce

Ethical and Professional Guidelines
(includes links to Academic Professional Guidelines, Chemical Professional’s Code of Conduct, Ethical Guidelines to Publication of Chemical Research, Professional Employment Guidelines, Scientific Insight and Integrity in Public Policy, Volunteer/National Meeting Attendee Conduct Policy)

CMA Local Initiatives
ACS local sections may serve as a valuable resource to assist in the effort to ensure the availability of a pool of talented chemists in the future, since it is at the local section level where underrepresented minority groups may be introduced to the ACS. For this reason, the Committee on Minority Affairs is offering a one-time mini-grant of up to $500 to local sections to support the implementation of programs that encourage the participation of underrepresented minority scientists. Follow this link to apply.
Learn about the ChemLuminary Award for recognition of local sections with programs and activities engaging people underrepresented in STEM

Awards and Recognition
Nominate someone for an ACS National Award
ACS Award for Encouraging Disadvantaged Students into Careers in the Chemical Sciences
Chemluminary Awards, recognizing the local section CMA that consistently promotes and encourages the participation and leadership of people underrepresented in STEM in the chemical sciences and the local section organizing the most outstanding Project SEED program
Stanley C. Israel Regional Award for Advancing Diversity in the Chemical Sciences, recognizing individuals and/or institutions who have advanced diversity in the chemical sciences and significantly stimulated or fostered activities that promote inclusiveness within the region

Other ACS Diversity Programs
ACS Department of Diversity Programs
ACS Voices Diversity Podcast
ACS Women Chemists of Color
ACS Diversity eBrief: diversity interests newsletter
Women Chemists Committee
Committee on Chemists with Disabilities
Younger Chemists Committee
ACS Division of Professional Relations: an ACS Technical Division that helps members effectively manage their careers in the chemical and allied fields; featuring diversity subdivisions for Minority Affairs, Chemists with Disabilities, Women Chemists, Younger Chemists, Gay and Transgender Chemists and Allies

Outside Links of Interest
US Department of Education List of Postsecondary Minority Institutions
Harvard Educational Review Article: Unraveling the Double Bind: Women of Color in STEM
Cancer Disparities Research Network
National Research Mentoring Network