Celebrating the Success of 20 Years of ACS Scholars

In the September 7, 2015 issue of Chemical & Engineering News (Volume 93 Issue 35, p. 45, ACS Comments), Committee on Minority Affairs Chair Madeleine Jacobs shares her excitement about 20 years of the ACS Scholars Program and the impact it has had on more than 2500 underrepresented minorities pursuing their education in chemistry. Jacobs is also the Honorary Chair of the ACS Scholars 20th Anniversary Appeal, an effort that has raised $1M in donations and pledges this year to support the program.

Madeleine asked many ACS Scholars what they wanted donors to know about the program, and they told her that it…

“Changes lives, one life at a time.
Opens doors.
Provides opportunities, personally and professionally, that would not otherwise have been available.
Gives a competitive advantage by providing meaningful undergraduate research and internships.
Provides mentoring in a way that no other program does.”

Although no longer taking applications for 2015, you can find out more about the ACS Scholars Program for the next round of applications. And your donation to support the program is always welcome. No amount is too small.

Follow this link to read Madeleine’s full article. No log-in required.