CMA Symposia and Events at 2020 Spring ACS Meeting in Philadelphia

***ACS Spring 2020 Meeting Canceled Due to COVID-19 Pandemic***

Monday March 23: Symposium and CMA Luncheon
“Reimagining Diversity & Equity in honor of Robert Lichter” (Presidential Symposium, co-sponsored by PROF, SCHB)
includes morning talks discussing Bob Lichter’s work and his impact on ACS, chemistry, education, diversity, equity, and inclusion as well as afternoon talks showcasing successful programs that continue this vision.

  • A biological self-assembly: Predesigned metallacycles and metallacages via coordination
  • Robert Lichter: Boss, mentor, colleague, and friend
  • Building the next generation of scientists
  • My 33 years with Bob Lichter and his influence on diversity and inclusiveness in multiple organizations
  • Robert Lichter: Champion of chemistry, communication, and caring
  • Mentoring, research, and diversity: Transformative strategy for undergraduate STEM education
  • CMA Luncheon, featuring ACS President-Elect Luis Echegoyen as keynote
  • COACh: Making the most of all talents in science and engineering
  • Broadening, tracking and sustaining undergraduate research programs to advance diversity equity in the STEM workforce: Pretty darn good idea for a Hispanic serving institution
  • Managing complex diversity and climate change in a chemistry department
  • Slow road to equity
  • Measuring the professional climate within chemistry departments
  • Training to optimize and build culturally aware research mentoring relationships

Tuesday March 24, Workshops, in partnership with PROF, CPT, and SOCED:
Career Launch and Acceleration for Minority Graduate Students & Postdocs, facilitated by COACh
Incorporating Expectations and Communication into Mentoring Relationships to Promote Equity & Inclusion, facilitated by the National Mentoring Research Network (NRMN)

YCC: Mental Health & Graduate School (March 23)
CHED: Smart Materials (March 24)