Diversity Programming at 2016 ACS Fall National Meeting Philadelphia

CMA-organized symposium:

Mon, Aug 22, 1:15pm – 4:10pm
Social and Chemical Science of Diversity Equity, oral session
Cosponsored by CHED and PROF
R. Hernandez, Organizer
S. Iyer, D. Stallings, Organizers, Presiding
1:15 . Inclusive education at Stony Brook University.N.S. Sampson
1:35 . Enabling diversity conversations with department chairs through OXIDE.S. Iyer, D. Stallings, R. Hernandez
1:55 . Getting to Lake Wobegon: The role of departments in diversifying PhD chemistry graduates.S.L. Laursen
2:15 . Unconscious bias against women in STEM.K.G. Fleming
2:35 Intermission.
2:50 . Learning from OXIDE: Experiences of a department chair.W.B. Tolman
3:10 . Diversity matters.S. Prince
3:30 . Model(ing) chemistry departments: A computational exploration of diversity and discovery.M.M. Francl
3:50 . Pipeline for students with disabilities in post-secondary education. Where are the doctorates?.K.S. Booksh, S. Rozovsky, J. Smith

CMA-cosponsored symposia:

Mon, Aug 22, 9:30am-12:10pm
All the People, All the Paths in the Chemical Sciences
Organizers: Mary Shultz, WCC
Presiders: Mary Shultz, Laura Sremaniak
Cosponsored by: CMA, MPPG, PROF and YCC

Mon, Aug 22, 1-5 pm
Diversity & Inclusion in STEM: LGBTQ+ Safe Zone Training for the Chemistry Community
Garden Room – Hilton Garden Inn Philadelphia Center City
Organized by: PROF Cosponsored by: CHED, CMA, D&I, LSAC, SCHB and YCC

Tues, Aug 23, 1-5pm
New Trends in Organometallic Chemistry Leading to Organic Synthesis
Organizers: Reni Joseph
Presiders: Madeleine Jacobs, Reni Joseph, Jerry Sarquis
Cosponsored by: CMA and INOR

Additional programming of interest to the broadening participation community, not sponsored by CMA:

Mon, Aug 22, 1:30-4:55pm
ACS Award for Encouraging Disadvantaged Students into Careers in the Chemical Sciences: Symposium in honor of Luis A. Colon
Organizers: Diana Aga, ANYL
Presiders: Diana Aga
Cosponsored by: MPPG

Mon, Aug 22, 2-5pm
Broadening Participation in Global Chemistry Experiences: Why Engaging Diverse Chemistry Communities in Global Research is Critical
Organizers: Christopher LaPrade, PRES
Presiders: Gloria Thomas
Cosponsored by: IAC and PROF

Tuesday, Aug 23, 9:15-10:45am
Increasing Successful Awards Nominations from Underrepresented Groups – TICKETED

Diversity Road Map: