Inspirational quote from a community college student

After a successful community college outreach day with Los Angeles Mission College on March 22nd, we were overwhelmed with positive and inspirational feedback. Below is a direct quote from one of the students at the event:

“The trip to UCLA inspired me to continue pursuing my ambition for higher education. I used to be worried about whether I was able to make it to a four year university because of insecurities of whether I was good enough. I’m going to admit that I had a fear that being Hispanic would make it difficult for me, and I feared I would not be treated equally because of it. During the trip, I saw that there was a lot of diversity, and it rid me of that fear. It made me feel like I could be there too, if I really tried. It gave me hope. I saw people of different ethnicities treating each other with respect and listening to one another.”

Los Angeles Mission College at UCLA

-OCDC executive board