Michigan IRACDA Program is accepting applications

This NIH-supported program (https://iracda.umich.edu/) provides 4 years of postdoctoral funding and is targeted at fellows with strong interests in both research and teaching. IRACDA fellows spend 75% of their time doing research and 25% teaching, and the teaching is done in partnership with Henry Ford College and Wayne County Community College District in Detroit. Fellows can work with research mentors in the biosciences throughout the medical school or engineering.

Our website lists the full application requirements, but fellows must be US citizens/Permanent Residents, and have received their Ph.D. in the 12 months or will complete their thesis requirements before starting in August 2018. The application deadline is April 1, 2018.

Feel free to email me (dsept@umich.edu) if you or potential fellows from your group have questions. I will also be at the Biophysical Society Meeting next week and can provide more details in person.