Postdoc position available in computational photochemistry and materials chemistry

The Lopez group at Northeastern seeks enthusiastic postdoctoral researcher to use their theoretical chemistry background to solve problems in the green chemistry and renewable energy. We use computations to deepen the understanding of light-promoted chemical reactions in the presence of small-molecule chromophore catalysts under mild reaction conditions. The proposed research will utilize quantum mechanical calculations and or machine learning techniques to rationally design novel organic photoredox catalysts. Further computations will focus on likely reaction mechanisms and origins of regioselectivities for these reactions in a highly-collaborative environment.
Many of these catalysts will have similar electronic structures as non-fullerene electron acceptor materials in organic photovoltaics. Solid-state simulations of the of these materials will facilitate understanding of the molecular basis of electronic processes in organic photovoltaics. Our group is interested in understanding the relationship between molecular structure and condensed-phase properties such as electron transport rates, donor-acceptor interfacial morphologies, and exciton dissociation. The primary responsibility of the postdoc is performing and communicating the research. Additional responsibilities may include grant writing and mentoring of graduate and undergraduate students. The appointment is for one year and may be extended pending regular progress evaluation.

Interested candidates may apply by:
1) clicking here,
2) E-mailing Steven Lopez directly at with a cover letter, CV, and three references and their contact information.