Postdoc Positions in Computational Biology at Princeton University

Princeton is actively recruiting postdocs to join this group, and we hope that you will urge any outstanding prospective or recent PhD students of your acquaintance to apply to any of the following positions for which they might be eligible (do point out that there is an October 15th application deadline for all of them!).

1. Postdoctoral Associate in our group. This is a regular Physics postdoctoral position, but one in which the incumbent has great freedom to choose projects, and can benefit from the mentorship of any of the senior members of our group (or linear combinations thereof). Past holders of this position have had a remarkable record of success in landing next-level positions in the field of biophysics. Please direct your students to the following link for more information:

2. Postdoctoral Fellow of the Princeton Center for Theoretical Science (PCTS). The PCTS sponsors interdisciplinary research based in theoretical physics and the PCTS Faculty Fellows select three new Fellows each year from a pool of candidates in all fields of theory. The PCTS provides a unique environment for exceptional recent PhDs in theoretical physics, broadly construed, to broaden their horizons and explore new fields. Candidates must be nominated by senior scientists. Nominations of biological physicists are encouraged, and Fellows with such interests would be welcomed as participants in our group. Appointments to this position are at the level of Associate Research Scholar. Please consult for more information.

3. Lewis-Sigler Theory Fellow. The Lewis-Sigler Institute (LSI), a joint venture of the Physics and Molecular Biology (and other) departments, offers positions at the level of Associate Research Scholar that carry extra resources and the opportunity to teach in innovative undergraduate programs. These positions are appropriate for exceptional newly- minted PhD’s who are ready to lead their own group. LSI Theory Fellows are selected by the full LSI faculty, but typically work very closely with our group. Application procedures will be described on the LSI website. Applicants to (1) who wish to also be considered as Lewis-Sigler Theory Fellows should so indicate in their cover letter.

We emphasize that we are interested in applications from students with exceptional theoretical skills and a strong motivation to use these skills to pursue biological problems, independent of the depth of their research experience in biology. Many of our most successful postdocs have learned their biology “on the job”, and we think that we provide an outstanding environment for such learning.