Women postdocs interested in launching an independent research program, read this!

AMOLF is looking for outstanding young researchers, ideally at the postdoc level, who are eager to start their own research line. AMOLF is keen to attract applicants in any of its research themes. The research program revolves around the Physics of Functional Complex Matter and is divided in 4 main research themes:
1)      Physics of Living Matter (biophysics, systems biology)
2)      Nanophotonics (classical and quantum optics on the nanoscale)
3)      Nanophotovoltaics (PV materials and light management)\
4)      Designer Matter,  which spans metamaterials, mechanics and soft matter. 
AMOLF offers a scientifically inspiring collaborative environment, state-of-the-art infrastructure and an interdisciplinary research program with a generous start up package (investment and personnel).
About AMOLF: AMOLF is a world-leading interdisciplinary research institute working on the Physics of Functional Matter, noteably working on Physics of Living Matter (biophysics, systems biology), Nanophotonics (classical and quantum optics on the nanoscale), Nanophotovoltaics (PV materials and light management), and Designer Matter,  which spans metamaterials, mechanics and soft matter.  AMOLF is a dynamic environment in which 120 scientist work in 17 groups that are based in different disciplines, yet strongly collaborate to jointly unravel how complex functionality can be programmed into, or emerges from, complex matter. The non-hierarchical division in small groups, mean that AMOLF presents a collaborative and supportive environment for starting a new group, with many opportunities for joint training and joint project initiatives. AMOLF has a state-of-the-art infrastructure for nanofabrication, ultrafast spectroscopy, microscopy, and molecular biophysics.  AMOLF offers tenure trackers full independence as PI to build a group, with a supportive and transparent system of mentoring and monitoring towards a permanent staff position. Thus, AMOLF is an excellent environment for researchers to start a tenure-track. 
About the WISE program:  AMOLF is keen to attract applicants in any of its research themes, and will provide a generous start up package in terms of investment and personnel to kickstart the new research line.  Successful candidates will be able to start a group as independent principal investigator, with a clear path to a permanent position after 5 years.  As the tenure track fellowship is facilitated by the  NWO WISE program, applications for the position need to be made through the NWO  “Women in Science Excel” program website. This process works via an open, competitive call for applications administered by the dutch science foundation NWO, with selected candidates invited to visit the institute for interview. Further information about the program, the application requirements and deadline are listed on here.  AMOLF will supply a startup package well beyond the WISE guidelines.
Candidates who are interested to explore the opportunity of this WISE call, are invited to contact the AMOLF director (h.bakker@amolf.nl) or any of the pertinent research theme leaders (biophysics – G.Koenderink@amolf.nl, designer matter – m.v.hecke@amolf.nl, photovoltaics – a.polman@amolf.nl, nanphotonics – f.koenderink@amolf.nl ) before applying, to discuss the research plan, the tenure-track start up package we can provide (in addition to the provisions of the WISE call itself), and to explain further the type of research environment that one can find at AMOLF.