Water Insecurity and Equality Symposium #ACSBOSTON #ChemDiversity

Monday 8/20/2018, 8-11:30 AM,
Location: Room 162A, Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

Safe water challenges, i.e., aging infrastructure, threats to potable freshwater sources, plumbing- and private-well contaminants, faced by minority, economically disadvantaged and deindustrialized communities, and communities burdened with legacy-contamination. Solutions such as nanophotonics and waste product reuse are presented, along with the barriers which must be overcome, and the need for the development of low-cost technologies.

  • Enhanced purified water production by artificial phototropic solar vapor generator based on nanophotonic hydrogel, presenter: Ximen He
  • Functionalized biochar for removal of discarded prescription drugs, presenter: Luis C Fernandez
  • Selective microbial control in drinking water systems using bacteriophages conjugated with superparamagnetic nanoparticles, presenter: Pingfeng Yu
  • Addressing contributory factors in the dissolution of heavy metals from zinc coated iron water supply pipes with flow conditions typical of developing countries, presenter: Deepika Bhaskar
  • Assessment of water quality in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, presenter: Fernando L Rosario
  • Challenges faced by private well owners inthe aftermath of the 2016 Louisiana floods, presenter: Adrienne Katner
  • Study for a low-cost alternative to treat water on an island off the southeastern Brazilian coast, presenter: David Charles Meissner
  • Evaluation of a silver-embedded ceramic tablet as secondary point-of-use water purification technology in Darbonne, Leogane, Haiti, presenter: Marion Nonglaton